Security Issue

Because of resent hacker activities I have for the time being blocked all connection from Russia to the server network!


Our Regrowth server is finally public accessible 🙂 Pack version is 1.0.2


So after a total makeover of the network and servers i can finally focus again on all other tasks. Make the last few adjustments to the Crackpack and Regrowth servers to switch then public and there is one more new server in preparation. A MC.Eternal server.

Many new things :-)

So first of all there will come 2 new servers. Regrowth and Crackpack 3. Both are already up and in testing phase right now.

Then there will come soon a new webpage with more features.

Oh and then we will add soon non Minecraft servers. One which is already in testing phase is a WoW – Wrath of the Lich King (3.3.5) server.

Vanilla Server

Our first pure vanilla server is online. Its a Minecraft 1.14.4 server. The servers a nice mix of plugins installed. Of cause the standard one for claiming and so but then also plugins like MineTinker which improves the tools and weapons.