We are a small Minecraft community. Our main motto is to have fun and all are welcome to join our servers.

Our staff (at the moment comprised of the admin and two moderators) keeps watch on the servers and is helping when needed.

Have a look in our contact section. There you will find the link to our discrod server.

Public servers

The latest addition to our community.

Address: sky.techfurs.com
For all which like a challenge.

Address: con.techfurs.com
A big pack with a lot of mods to try and have fun.

Address: rev.techfurs.com


New Server – updates

Tests for the new server are on the way. Right now i have two test setups running to see stability and compatibility with plugins. One is running the Enigmatica 2 and the other the FTB Stoneblock 2 modpack. After all tests are over the one with the best performance will go public.

Community server

We have now a Terrafirmacraft community sever. Its a whitelisted server. I order to gain access to it you have to be invited by one of the staff members and you have to be a know player on the network.

New Server

At the moment we are running a survey to get a better idea about which server/modpack we will at to our community. Everyone is welcome to participate and every answered survey will bring us closer to an answer. Please use following link  http:// https://www.techfurs.com/survey/index.php/522939?lang=en Thank you all in advance.


At the moment is all provided from one dedicated server running an virtualization environment on which are running all Minecraft servers and support systems in separate containers. Till the next bigger upgrade the server can hold maximal 5 public servers plus support systems.

For case you want to help to keep all operational and add a bit for the next upgrade you can use this button here. Every Donation is very welcome and when you are an active player on our servers then you will get also a gift for it.