We are a small Minecraft community. Our main motto is to have fun and all are welcome to join our servers.

Our staff (at the moment comprised of the admin and two moderators) keeps watch on the servers and will help when needed.

When you have any questions just join us on Discord and ask. The invite link you can find in the contact section.

Public servers

Modpack version 1.4.0

Public accessible

Address: sky.techfurs.com

Modpack version 2.7.0

Shutdown at 21.07.

Public accessible

Address: rev.techfurs.com

Modpack version 1.6.0

Public accessible

Address: con.techfurs.com

Modpack version 1.62

Public accessible

Address: e2e.techfurs.com

Modpack version 1.7.1

Public accessible

Address: ulr.techfurs.com

Mod ver. 7.0.6 & Biomes O Plenty 7.0.1 2425 (AT or Technic launcher)

Early access from 19.07. on

Address: pixel.techfurs.com

Modpack version 3.0.2

Community server – Invite only

Address: inf.techfurs.com


Revelation shutdown – 21.07.

After now a year and the fact that we can not more upgrade the server because upgrade to pack version 3.X.X require a total world reset we decided to shut the server on 21.07. down to make space for a new one.


We are a small community hosting our own servers (and i mean real hardware not some virtual ones somewhere). All servers have a virtualization environment installed and running the Minecraft and supporting servers in separate containers.

When you are looking for a place for a private server (A whitelisted one for you and your friends) we can maybe also help by that when there are resources free. Just contact us and ask.

For case you want to help to keep all operational and add a bit for the next upgrade you can use this button here. Every Donation is very welcome and when you are an active player on our servers then you will get also a gift for it.