There are a few rules which you should follow on our servers and which you have also to accept when you join a server for the first time.

  1. No Grief/Theft (Even if unclaimed)!
  2. No spamming/advertising/offensive Chat!
  3. No swearing, scamming, trolling or racism.
  4. Be respectful, ethical and use common sense.
  5. No Offensive Builds/Symbols/pixelart!
  6. No quarries are allowed in the Overworld. Use the MiningWorld.
  7. No more than 2 active spawners per base/player + 1 Wither Spawner.
  8. One cursed earth patch can not be larger than 9×9 blocks.
  9. Any patch of cursed earth is considered a spawner.
  10. Any mob farm is considered a spawner.
  11. Compactmachines are considered part of the base.
  12. No more than 4 Void Miner per base/player.
  13. Usage of cheats or other exploits it’s prohibited!
  14. Anything that create lag will be changed/removed.
  15. No PvP at spawn!

And yes there are also consequences when you will not keep them. For example when you spam the chat or use not appropriate language then you will be jailed and muted (and yes we have a real jail on every server. A small room build from stone bricks and iron bars. Mostly located close to spawn). When its something like destroying other players property or try to interrupt smooth operation of the server that means temporary or permanent ban. All depends on the severity of the violation.

When you have any more questions, join us on Discord.