Revelation shutdown – 21.07.

After now a year and the fact that we can not more upgrade the server because upgrade to pack version 3.X.X require a total world reset we decided to shut the server on 21.07. down to make space for a new one.

New Server

We will upgrade our hardware. When all will workout like planned then the new hardware should arrive tomorrow (03. of July) and after preparing and installation we can perform the switchover at Thursday/Friday ( 04. or 05. of July).

New SQL Database

Thursday 23.05. at 6am GMT/UTC all servers will be for a short time not accessible because of an switch to a new database server.

Server Upgrades

07.05. Enigmatica server to pack version 1.62 / 09.05. Sky Adventures server to pack version 1.4.0 / 10.05. Ulitmate Reloaded server to pack version 1.6.0

Upgrades will always start at 6am GMT (8am CEST / 12am CST) and will take approximately 1 till 2 hours.