On all our servers you can claim land via first chest placement (which will claim the area around the chest). Use a normal stick to check the claim and make the corners visible (just right click the ground with the stick). To change the claim you will need a golden shovel. Take the golden shovel in your main hand and it will show you in the cheat how many claim blocks you have available (you will earn 64 extra claim blocks per hour of playing) then click one corner of your claim with the golden shovel and then the new corner. Done you have enlarged your claim. For case you want to move to a new location just stay in your claim and use the command /abandonclaim on the new location you will need then to use a golden shovel. Just mark the first and then the second corner of the new claim with the shovel.

Claims will be removed when the player which created them was for a longer time inactive. This is also valid for player data itself (means you achievements, inventory,…).

  1. Auto claim removal by inactivity. Basic 21 days, towns and subs 28 days.
  2. Auto Player-data removal after inactivity for 28 days.

When you have any question, join us on Discord.


On all servers you have the possibility to place chunk loaders to keep your machines running. There are two different loaders. Iron blocks which act as online loader and diamond blocks which act as offline loader. To activate the loaders just right click the block with a blaze rod which will open up a small GUI where you can choose the size or remove the loader when not more needed. You have also the possibility to use /bcl list to see all your loaders (network wide) and modify them. /bcl bal will give you a overview about your available and used loader balance.

More claim blocks or chunkloaders you can buy in our webshop