Server upgrades

Next on plan for upgrading is the Revelation server to the latest pack version. Already prepared for it and checked the world and performed a few cleaning tasks.

The Stoneblock 2 server is up and running. Early access only!!

Who can access the server:

1. All VIP tiers also players which have donated (when you would like to know how to donate please look in the announcement channel on our Discord server – pinned messages).

2. All players with the rang Citizen as thanks for there help.

The server will go public around the 2. or 3. of February.

Discord link

We are working right now on implementing a Discord <-> MC server chat link. The Sky Adventures and the Continuum server have the plugin already installed which provides a bi-directional chat which enables us to help the players also when no staff member is on the server.

New Server – updates

Tests for the new server are on the way. Right now i have two test setups running to see stability and compatibility with plugins. One is running the Enigmatica 2 and the other the FTB Stoneblock 2 modpack. After all tests are over the one with the best performance will go public.

Community server

We have now a Terrafirmacraft community sever. Its a whitelisted server. I order to gain access to it you have to be invited by one of the staff members and you have to be a know player on the network.

Direwolf20 1.12

After nearly a year permanently operation its now time. The DW20 1.12 will be retired to make space for a new pack.

Also the last two upgrade attempts, to bring the server up to date (pack version 2.3.0), failed because all the previous upgrades form 1.5.0 (the version with which we started the server) to 2.1.0 (on which the server right now) slowly corrupted the world (all this mods which where over time added or removed and left data in the world files).