Updates :)

So finally i found some time to update the server list (put there will be coming more server soon) and the rest will follow soon. Working actually on a complete new web page/design at the moment 🙂

Making Space

We have shutdown the Divine Journey and Project Ozone 2 Servers to make space for some new packs. On 12. of April will follow the Sky Adventures server. We are already in the process of testing and selecting new packs and when all will work out we will launch the first one already today 🙂

Maintenance – 18. of February starting 7am GMT

Planned shutdown of all servers!! Approx downtime 3 till 4 hours.

The last routine checkup result shows that one of the main raid arrays for the server is degrading. Because I will not just exchange one HDD in the array I have to shut all servers down to copy the virtual disks to a temporary location and back on to the new created array.

Security Issue

Because of resent hacker activities I have for the time being blocked all connection from Russia to the server network!


Our Regrowth server is finally public accessible 🙂 Pack version is 1.0.2


So after a total makeover of the network and servers i can finally focus again on all other tasks. Make the last few adjustments to the Crackpack and Regrowth servers to switch then public and there is one more new server in preparation. A MC.Eternal server.